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Heating system slow to warm up, you may need a Power FlushWHAT IS POWER FLUSHING?

Power Flushing is a clean and safe process that is used to cleanse your central heating system of sludge, lime scale and corrosive debris. The method used involves circulating a mixture of water and cleansing chemicals under controlled conditions around your heating system. The effects result in your central heating pump, boiler and radiator circuits working more effectively and efficiently in distributing heat around your home. It can also help lower your heating bills.


You may benefit from a Power Flush if...

  • your heating system is slow to warm up
  • your boiler makes unpleasant noises
  • you have cold spots in your radiators
  • you have air locks in your system
  • you are replacing all your existing radiators with new ones

The benefits of Power Flushing are...

  • it improves the efficiency of your central heating system
  • lower heating bills
  • cures or prevents boiler noise
  • restores heat output from your radiators
Power Flushing is not a high pressure operation. The work is completed in less than one day at a minimum level of disturbance and disruption to your home.
Heating system Power Flushed for only £229 all inclusive in BOurnemouth and Poole

*All residential properties of any size. This offer covers 8 radiators, any number of radiators over this amount will be at an additional £20 per radiator. A FREE site survey will need to be completed before any work can commence. Please call Tim on 07951 281301 for more information.

Please note that the price of £229 stated, does not include any work that may need to be carried out due to implications that may occur from having your system power flushed (such as leaking joints and pin holes in pipe work) and that power flushing may not be successful in eliminating any issues with your heating system, in which case further investigation may be needed at the customers cost and discretion. Plumb Tek would like to add that these implications occur very rarely.

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